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We have been buidling websites, webshops and apps for more than six hundred organizations and companies over the past 8 years. All based on solid standard technology that we have optimized over the years.Relevant for you is that your new site is fast, mobile-friendly and easy to find. Whether it is a complex site with databases, payment and reservation modules and links to other platforms, or a beautiful responsive one-pager.


A professional website doesn't have to be expensive

from € 59,00 per month

Our developers spend a significant amount of time rebuilding websites already built by others. Usually because the current website was too slow, not mobile-friendly or difficult to find, the supplier was difficult to reach, or high invoices were sent for every adjustment. So we see quite a bit of work from colleagues. And it is no exception that many thousands of euros have been paid for this webiste. Usually for a WordPress site that was built for a few hundred dollars in India by a website factory, and then passed on by the agency to the customer with a hefty margin.

In the vast majority of cases you pay a fixed amount per month for a professionally built website, including hosting, email, support and changes. No large amounts upfront, no unexpected extra costs, and a mutually long-term commitment. That's how it should be, we think.

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Did you know that a website can also be sustainable? The way Surlinio builds its websites, we use less server space, computing power and memory.

By using the most recent servers, operating systems and software platforms, we use up to 100x less energy than websites built on top of the large, existing 'do it yourself' platforms.


All of our websites are built with PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL/SQlite.

Even though these terms mean nothing to you, they are all technologies with which 90% of all websites are built worldwide. That means to you that the continuity of the websites and apps we build is guaranteed, because we don't use 'proprietary' or obscure programming languages, but the most commonly used technologies on which the internet is built.

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