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What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of improving the visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO involves optimizing a website's content, structure, and technical aspects to make it more attractive to search engines and to improve its relevance to users' search queries. The goal of SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results. This can lead to more leads, sales, and revenue for businesses and can help individuals build their personal brand online. SEO techniques include keyword research, content optimization, link building, and technical optimization, among others.

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising, also known as Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It is a digital marketing strategy that involves placing ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase website traffic and generate leads and sales. Unlike SEO, which focuses on improving organic search engine rankings, SEA involves paying for ad placement on search engine results pages based on keywords and search queries. Advertisers bid on specific keywords related to their business or products, and their ads are displayed at the top or bottom of search engine results pages when users search for those keywords. The advertiser pays the search engine a fee every time a user clicks on their ad, hence the name "pay-per-click" advertising. SEA can be a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses looking to increase their online visibility and drive immediate results.

"We are thrilled with the new website that Surlinio built for us. Their work is highly professional and efficient, and they offer valuable advice regarding the available possibilities."

Rianne Stadhouder, Electro World

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If you have had your website made by us, it is already fully on-site (in terms of website code) SEO optimized. This means that your site has been submitted to search engines, all special 'tags' have been properly filled in, a sitemap has been created, etc. What is important after that is that all URLs, in other words, the names of your pages, are also SEO-friendly. That is also taken care of when we create your site.

If you then want to advertise to generate leads and/or revenue, you can pay search engines to get your website to the top of the search results. These are the results you see with 'Ad' in front of them on Google. In addition, you can have search engines display ads for your company on relevant online locations, such as industry-related sites or news websites. Both can give you a serious advantage over your competitors.

Starting from £ 300.00 per month.

Social advertising

In addition, we can of course promote your products and services through social media advertising. This service is usually included in our social media packages.

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