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Additional services

Additional services

In addition to our regular services, we also provide support for logo design, writing SEO texts, photography, email marketing and app development. We have most of the experise in-house, but we also work with a number of regular partners.

"Surlinio is renowned for its unwavering commitment to its customers. They go above and beyond to ensure that everything is arranged in no time, and nothing is too much to ask. As ADO Den Haag Women, we are pleased with Surlinio's excellent service orientation."

Karin Punt, ADO Den Haag

Our customers rate us as 'excellent'

Email marketing

Increase your sales with the help of email marketing. We are involved from start to finish. Would you like to start sending newsletters or do you need help enlarging the existing newsletter audience? At Surlinio we can assist you with Mailchimp or SendinBlue to develop a rock-solid email strategy.

£ 89.00 per hour.

Photography and Videography

Do we need to build your new website or manage your social media channels, but you don't have any content or images? One of our photographers will come by for a photo shoot of your company and/or product. From about 150-200 photos we jointly select the 20 most beautiful ones that we can use as basic material. The others are good material for social media for at least 6 months. Problem solved. The photos are royalty-free, so your own them outright. With your first 20 photos Photoshop post-processing is included in the price.

£ 250.00 per session

Search terms research

Usually you have a good idea of which search terms apply to your services and/or products. If so, we optimize your website for those terms, and check with the search engines whether that also yields results. We can also first check what is most searched for. Perhaps it turns out that the search volume of your chosen term is simply too low, and you should choose some other terms.

£ 250.00 one time

SEO texts

If your site is already well put together, you can further improve findability by ensuring that the keywords on which you want to be found also appear in the texts of your website. Search engines are quite precise with this, too much is not good (spamming), and too little is not either, of course. Ideal is between 2% and 4% of the full size of a page, including programming code. No inspiration yourself? One of our consultants can write the content for your website for you. Fully SEO optimized for your target group and keywords.

£ 89.00 per hour

Logo design

An important part of your online presence is your design. We help you create a strong logo and supply you with all the necessary formats for web and print. What exactly do you get? Your logo in all conceivable formats and you retain all creative rights for yourself (and that is quite special). See below some logos recently designed by our team.

£ 400,00 one time fee


Do you have a great idea for an App? We build your App based on standard HTML technology enabling your app to automagically work on all platforms. No more separate versions for Apple or Android, hence at much lower costs than native apps.

Or maybe you require your website or shop to get data from or to another platform (API), or you want form info from your website to end up directly in your CRM as a lead?

We build standard 'plugs' to connect all kinds of data sources.

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